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septiembre 03, 2021 8 min read

Throughout this series, we are asking our community to help make us smarter. All questions provided by you and for you.


Femboy: Hi, my name is Bambi and I'm a latex femboy.


What is a latex femboy?

Femboy: A latex femboy is the best way I could describe myself. A femboy to me says feminine boy, which is what I always saw myself as - male presenting, but I bring so many feminine traits into myself. I definitely bring this when I'm going out clubbing in fetish clubs and spaces. And I just absolutely love wearing latex. So latex femboy was the best way to describe myself.


How did you discover you were submissive?

Femboy: When I started out, I actually came into the mindset that because I'm a guy, I'm supposed to be in control, I'm supposed to be the top. And when I tried this out, I was just terrible. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was not confident in myself at all, and I just didn't know where to go next. I thought that this was going to be a problem for a long time, but I found that I was just not putting my confidence in the right places. I found that I could be confident in letting go and letting someone else take control and letting someone else decide for me what to do. I found this absolutely freeing, to give up all of my control to someone else was just the best thing I could ever do. And I've not really looked back.


What was your first experience related to your kink?

Femboy: I was very curious about what it felt like to wear something that wasn't very masculine. With masculine it was very robust and strong and powerful and that's just not how I felt inside. I wanted to try something else that made me feel a bit more fragile, but also a bit more alluring and a bit more beautiful, which is something I'd never felt. My first experience was, very nervously, going out and buying women's underwear and women's clothing and trying that on. Especially, trying to find the right heels was very difficult when you don't want anyone to see that you're buying this stuff. Once I'd bought it and taken it home and I tried it out, I found that it just felt so much better than what I'd been wearing before. Then when I tried out latex, where it's super tight and it's got this shiny gloss, I just absolutely loved it. I fell in love with all the different designs that you could make. I just had to try out each and every one.


Do you live as a femboy 24/7?

Femboy: I wish I did, but unfortunately, I can't. My job prevents me from doing that. I try to bring as many feminine traits into my life as I can. I paint my nails as much as I can. I like to wear makeup and I wear feminine outfits that can still be seen on a guy. I wish I could be a femboy 24/7. I wish I could wear skirts. I wish I could wear really pretty things and be who I am inside. Unfortunately, I'm just not really there yet.


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What are your favourite types of play that you like to indulge in the most?

Femboy: My favourite type would probably be cross dressing as that's my main thing. I love it when I get to pick out different outfits. I really like it when other people pick out outfits for me. When I've played with different people and they've looked through my wardrobe or even given me items from their wardrobe for me to try out. It feels incredible because, not only do I feel really good about myself, but I have someone else there looking at me and seeing someone really beautiful and really gorgeous, and that just makes me feel absolutely incredible. Another type of play I really like is compliments. I like to be called good boy or good girl. I'm not really into humiliation. I like to be given rewards for being good. And compliments really help with that.


What do you get out of wearing a chastity device?

Femboy: Chastity is really interesting for me because, not only is it the feeling of being caged and feeling like someone else is in control of my 'manhood', if you will. For me, when I can't orgasm, my tension just builds up and up and up. And I just get hornier and hornier and hornier. For me, this is almost an equivalent to orgasming, but over a really long time. It's that constant build up and the constant feeling of 'I'm almost there, but I just can't'. Then to have someone else be in control of me, in control of my desires, and for me to have to follow their orders if I want any kind of reward, it just feels really, really good.


What are a few misconceptions you receive from being a femboy?

Femboy: It's hard to say because, to me, femboy can really mean anything. If someone says they're a femboy, they can be a femboy and it can be completely different to how I look. If anything, femboys have become a bit of a trend recently. I'd say a few misconceptions are that I am constantly looking and acting like this. Unfortunately, I just can't constantly be feminine, as much as I wish I could. So when people see me outside of this hood, I can look completely different. But I wear this hood to hide my identity because of my job.


What would your perfect session look like?

Femboy: Being with someone who I am very comfortable with. I've known a few dominants in my time being in the kink community, and they've all been so incredibly friendly to me and I've made friends out of every single one. It would have to be with someone who I'm really close with and who knows me really well. It would probably start with getting dressed up and looking really pretty and doing my makeup and just having a bit of a giggle and laugh. Then it would probably be getting down into things. I do really enjoy bondage, Shibari especially, getting tied up and feeling a bit claustrophobic is really nice. I also enjoy different types of play. I enjoy wax play. I also enjoy electric play, different types of punishments. I'm not super into hard pain, I'm a bit of a wimp so I can't exactly take caning. But after that we can chill out a bit. If anything, we can go straight into a bit of pegging, which is probably one of my favourite types of play. I really love the role reversal of it. The power switch, to feel like I'm definitely not the one in control. That is probably my favourite type of play.


Do you buy women's latex or have it custom made?

Femboy: As much as I try to, I am stuck with buying women's latex because there isn't a huge amount of men's latex that is very feminine and there's not much women's latex that allows a bit more space. I have found a few designers who do costume and I always give them the measurements to give me a bit more room so that it's not too painful for me. I do enjoy looking at women's latex, especially dresses because they can fit me fine. And hoods can fit me absolutely fine. I have bought crotch outfits before, which have been fantastic. There's some companies which help with trans women or any male presenting person who may need that extra bit of space. They've been fantastic and I've ordered from them so much.


What item of clothing makes you feel instantly feminine?

Femboy: That's a really good question. It's definitely developed over the years. When I first started out, it could be anything really. When I was starting out, wearing women's underwear could make me feel instantly feminine, especially when I was wearing it under my clothes and no one really knew about it. I could wear dresses and I could wear heels. Now it's kind of the same, but now that I wear those things, they feel more like me. They don't make me feel as if I'm a woman, they just make me feel like me. The things that I like to wear to clubs now, the big artistic outfits are the hoods I wear, the big heels I wear, and the big, bright makeup. Those are probably the main things that make me feel instantly feminine.


What's the difference between playing with a Pro Dom and playing with a lifestyle Dom?

Femboy: A Pro Dom can be Lifestyle Dom and a Lifestyle Dom can be a Pro Dom. I've played with several Pro Doms over the last few years. They're really people who dominate someone in any way that they feel they want to. You can look on Twitter, on their website, it's down to how they like to play. If you want to play with a Pro Dom, you have find one that matches you. With a Lifestyle Dom, it's a bit different to a Pro Dom because they don't focus on a single session, they focus on your life. They focus on your day-to-day. They could control anything from your fitness to your diet, to your work schedule. They could control chastity, and give you different jobs to do throughout the day. They're controlling your lifestyle and not just a specific set session. The Lifestyle Doms that I've played with, it's generally been about chastity and catching up with them every few hours to do different jobs. It's very different. The two different types of play.


Where is your favourite place to shop and who are your fashion inspirations?

Femboy: My favourite place to shop would be Instagram, mainly because I've got all my friends on there who I've met through the kink community, different models and Pro Doms, and just anyone who likes latex like me. I look through all of their accounts and I look at all the different sellers that they're buying from, and they generally have Instagram accounts. I get to see which outfits I like and see if it's on their website, but also it's a great way to find independent sellers and small sellers, which I think are the best people to buy from because they're so personal in their outfits. It also means that I can get into contact with them and maybe make a custom order. It's just really easy get specifically what you want and it's helping out small businesses. In terms of inspiration. I'd say my friends inspire me. I wouldn't say there's any particular celebrity who inspires me. The people who I hang out with inspire me so much. I've got friends who give me huge amounts of inspiration from rave culture and cosplaying and also goth culture. I try to bring that into my style as much as I can because these are the people who I love and they're always a part of me. Whenever I go out clubbing, I like to feel like I'm myself, but they're a part of me as well.