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settembre 03, 2021 3 min read

Throughout this series, we are asking our community to help make us smarter. All questions provided by you and for you.


SWer: Hi, I am a sex worker and a sensual masseur.


How has the pandemic affected your work?

SWer: To be honest, I feel like I've got more bookings. I guess everyone needs more sex in a pandemic. A lot more people are calling in, anytime of the day or any time of the week.


How do I gain confidence about my body?

SWer: When I was very young, I didn't have the confidence. I was having nightmares about being naked in front of people. But then I was contacted by a filmmaker and he asked me to do an artistic porn video. I had the balls to say, 'Yes, I want to do this'. I wanted to be more open and I wanted to be more myself because I thought I should be more confident with my body. So, I started doing this video with him and we filmed it, and then I realised I liked it when he finished it. I loved it. And I loved how I looked. From there I started to be more open and got to where I am now.


How do you handle emotions?

SWer: That's a tricky one. I think you need to separate life from work. And that's in any job. I just always try to enjoy what I do. I meet very nice people.


 Verboten Interview SW


Has this job changed your attitude to sex? Do you enjoy it less now? Is it more difficult for you to be truly intimate with someone now?

SWer: I guess I maybe have better sex through my work than in my private life. But that's just because I found new fetishes through work that I didn't know I had. So yes, I guess I prefer doing my job more.


Do you know the faces of you clients before you meet them?

SWer: I never ask for pictures because for me it's a job. I just think about the money, how I pay my rent, how I pay my bills. I'm not going to look at someone differently because he is fat or because he's older or because he is handsome. It's just about the money. As long as they bring the cash, they get the best service.


Where do you usually meet your clients?

SWer: Most of the time, I meet them at mine. Which I prefer because I'm always late, so I'm never technically late. But obviously, they can be scared of inviting someone into their house. They don't want to invite someone they don't even know to theirs. They maybe want to keep things separate. Bringing an escort into your house, you bring some thoughts, some memories from your house to that. For me though, I'm not as scared of that because they come into my room and I've never had any problems with anyone. They're very nice people. I'm quite happy with the arrangement. I'm not late. I don't need to go anywhere. I always have trouble with transport. Obviously, if they want a house call, they need to pay for transport.


Where do you advertise for yourself?

SWer: I use a website and there are a lot of websites out there you can use.


What is the difference between escort clients and massage clients?

SWer: I would say I prefer massage clients because I realised that it's a bit of a fetish for me to touch a body. I mean, no matter if you're straight or gay, when you touch a naked body, obviously you get turned on by it. That's something I've realised I really liked from massage. Many of the times, you don't finish the massage which I really because it means I'm doing my job well. They get turned on and that turns me on as well, that makes me hard. I always get hard before them anyways because it became my fetish.