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septiembre 03, 2021 3 min read

Throughout this series, we are asking our community to help make us smarter. All questions provided by you and for you.


Pro Dom: I'm Vera, I am a Pro Dom, content creator, latex designer, and artist.


Explain: 'Treat me as a goddess even if I'm covered in piss'.

Pro Dom: I think you can be dominant and still like piss play and want to receive piss and be covered in piss.


How does censorship affect you?

Pro Dom: I mainly suffer from censorship on Instagram. I've deleted so many of my accounts. I'm on my sixth account and I can't even tell people I'm a sex worker on Instagram anymore. I'm scared of getting deleted again and censored. It's heavily targeting sex workers.


What does it take to be a human toilet?

Pro Dom: It takes a lot of respect, so I will not use a toilet who is not respectful and doesn't know how to communicate well.


Why should every straight guy get pegged at least once?

Pro Dom: I think there's a stigma around anal sex and men are just terrified of it for some reason. Most of the time men want to perform anal sex on women, but I feel like they should try pegging at least once to know what it's like. Maybe they'll like it and they're just a bit scared of trying it or they don't want to be seen as gay. Anal sex is for everyone, in my opinion.


Verboten Interviews Pro Dom


What motivated you to craft your own latex brand?

Pro Dom: I started about two years ago. Mainly because I could not afford to buy latex pieces already made. So I made a translucent latex dress. Once I got enough practice, I opened my Etsy shop.


What makes crafting latex different from everyday clothing?

Pro Dom: It is quite hard and it takes a lot of attempts and you have to be really patient.


When and how do you communicate and establish your sub's consent, boundaries, safeword, and anything else for play to be safe and enjoyable?

Pro Dom: When a submissive contacts me, I will get some information in the first few emails so they can tell me their limits, if they're having a health problems, and what they'd like to explore. And then once they come in, I see them in person, face-to-face, and I go over those boundaries again and those limits again.


How do you ensure your own safety?

Pro Dom: I require a copy of their ID. I'm quite picky when it comes to bookings. If I don't feel it, I just trust my gut and just not see my client. I also always text a friend.


How do I approach domming?

Pro Dom: Everyone is very different. Not all submissives are into humiliation, not all submissives are into pain. So you got to understand your submissive's boundaries and what kind of submissive they are.


SpitGirll666, is that a rockband?

Pro Dom: It's like my personal Instagram. It used to be SpitGirl69, but then it got deleted.


Have you met an Uber-Dom yet?

Pro Dom: No, it's so funny on FetLife I get a lot of messages from male doms. I'm just like, 'Are you okay, why do you want to hide this part of yourself?' I kind of feel sad for them. I'm a Pro Dom, but I'm also a switch and I'm not going to try to hide that from people. I am who I am.


Tips for fresh Doms?

Pro Dom: I think the best thing to do when you start out is network, as much as you can, make friends who are pro doms as well. That's what I did. You can learn a lot by watching people. I think it's also important to know your boundaries and establish them when you first start. Otherwise, clients might cross that and accidentally cross them if you don't communicate those boundaries. There's a long list of things I do not do. So it's important make a list of things you're comfortable with, that you enjoy, and then a list of things that are a no go.


Bodily fluids or pain?

Pro Dom: Bodily fluids. 100%. Easy.