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settembre 07, 2021 4 min read

Throughout this series, we are asking our community to help make us smarter. All questions provided by you and for you.


Toilet: People that know me well know my name, but most people refer to me as toilet.


When did you find out you were into it and how did you discover your kink?

Toilet: I was always into servitude and exploring the female form. I think one of my main interests has always been scent and taste. So it started off with women not being washed as one of my main interests. I'd always want to go down on women when they've just been to the toilet. It just went from there really, and trying to push the boundary of how far can they push me and what kind of disgusting things could they make me do.


Do you have a sensitive sense of smell?

Toilet: I have a very sensitive sense of smell and taste. Often when I get used, I can tell what people have eaten, what they've drank, if they smoke, if they're on medication. I've got a very, very sensitive sense of smell and taste.


Who would your dream person to use you as a toilet?

Toilet: I don't have one specific person that would be the dream person to use me. It's not really to do with aesthetics, it's more about how they carry themselves and how into it they are. For me, the fantasy is more to do with being used by groups that are doing it for them and not for me. The worst thing for me is when it's done just for my pleasure. I like it to be the complete opposite.


Verboten Interviews Toilet


Do you need to have a deeper connection with something to be able to share your kink with them?

Toilet: For this particular kink I don't think I need a deeper connection at all. I quite like when there's no connection, so it's a lot more to do with the objectification of it. And again, so that there's no thought or care about how I'm feeling. I'm more into the extreme side of the fetish.


Are there some aspects of it that you don't like?

Toilet: I wouldn't say there's any aspect of it that I don't like, but maybe the clearing up. Clearing up after is never fun. Again, that still feeds into the whole objectification side of it and humiliation side.


How long does a toilet session last?

Toilet: Every single session I've done has been for a varied amount of time. I've been used for parties. I've been used for about six hours at a time. I've been used for literally two, three minutes and the session's over. So it depends on the situation. It varies every time and who's using me and how many people are using me.


Is it easy to talk about your kink with people you meet?

Toilet: I've always been quite open about my relationship to kink and I think where I've been so open, I've had a lot more opportunities and I find it really easy to talk about my kinks with most people. All my friends know about what I'm into and what I get up to.


How do you meet fellow toilet play lovers?

Toilet: Meeting people has always been through my openness, but now where I'm an owned toilet and have been for the past five, nearly six years, I have no control over who uses me. My owner is the one that decides who and when I'm used and how I'm used. I no longer have any control over who uses me.


Which part of the journey of being a human toilet with a partner gives you the biggest kick?

Toilet: The thing that gives me the biggest kick is the trust that I'm given by people. Not only that, I think the empowerment, it's not about me or my kink. I want to be used by other people, for them to explore theirs and for it to be an accessible opportunity for them to explore it. I think that's what gives me the biggest kick is them being able to tick off something that they've always wanted to try.


Is being a human toilet a big part of your current relationship?

Toilet: Being a toilet is pretty much all we ever talk about. It's something that we try and explore as much as possible, whether that is just within our own dynamic or whether it's setting up meets with other people. It's something that is the main part of our sexual dynamic.


Are there human toilet meetups or do you exchange with like-minded people?

Toilet: I've never heard of any human toilet meetups. I don't think there would be any point in them or meeting up to discuss what you're into. I think anyone that's into it just wants to get used. That they're not there to have a chat about what they like, they just want to get used.


What is the most enjoyable aspect of being a human toilet?

Toilet: The most enjoyable aspect of being a human toilet is being objectified. I think life's so chaotic that you don't have much time to just chill out. When I'm used, it's one of the only times where I'm totally at peace. I'd say that is probably the most enjoyable part about being used as a human toilet.